what does it mean to be a rebel?

For my second Screen Media assignment, I continued to work with Emma as my living rebel. We decided to create a script that would portray how ideas of rebelliousness can form for different people. The script covers things Emma and I saw as rebellious but explores these in different ways – some silly, some serious, some personal. We looked at some of Emma’s favourite rebels through time to draw inspiration. In the end, we narrowed a long list down to six rebels who we thought we could pull strong ideas and quotes from. These included the artist Duchamp, musicians Bowie, Dolly Parton, and Patti Smith, as well as some younger influences around today, Amandla Stenberg and Greta Thunberg. Emma reflected on these rebels and how they influenced her personally, and we used some of their quotes to get the ball rolling on what being a rebel meant to Emma.

The song “Charlie’s Manifesto” by the Finks has a very powerful delivery and structure, and I wanted to try and use the form of a spoken word poem, delivering an ideology, with subtle background guitar. So we set out the different rebel ideas in an order that we thought flowed smoothly and had good rhythm and tempo, and recorded the script, the guitar and wrote a keyboard part. I added some seagulls recorded at the beach to create ambience and atmosphere.


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