the innocent rebel

Here’s my final work for my BCM115 Introduction to Screen Media class.

I have followed on from my previous assignment, a soundscape that explored a subject – my friend Emma, and her idea of what it means to be a rebel. My work extends on this concept through the addition of the visual layer.

The motion picture employs some of the different film techniques we have looked at as part of our lecture content. I have tried to use things such as montage, discontinuity editing, and use of space when exploring different activities Emma goes through in her day. I’ve included many still, spacious shots of Emma hanging around, not doing much at all. I wanted to create soft focus shots that aren’t too demanding on the eye.

The concept behind the whole video is that there can be a certain innocence in a rebellion that often goes unseen. People like Emma, who don’t necessarily conform aren’t exactly criminals either. They are just people. they hang out, laugh, fix their hair, ponder life and do silly dances just like the rest of us.

A few films we looked at in our lectures can be seen as an inspiration for my work. The use of space in the film ‘Her’, directed by Spike Jonze was a big influence on the framing techniques in many shots I made. Takes that would linger slightly too long I took from films such as ‘Spectre’ of the James Bond series and even movies created by Hitchcock. Viewing these examples is, for me, an integral part of developing my own style and techniques of filmmaking.

Part of the global cinema medium is the act of actually creating and producing content for the global cinema. Through the usage of techniques we have observed in many different films from around the world, my motion picture contributes to the plethora of other works that define the style of the modern era – a collage that extends worldwide.

So enjoy, this is my representation of a modern living rebel. I hope you’re inspired, or disgusted, or at the least entertained. Thanks for your time, it means a lot.



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