digital artifact pitch

For my DA, I decided to team up with my friend Hunter, and create the Facebook page ‘Crap Shacks of the Gong.‘ It involves us travelling around the Wollongong area, and reviewing places that may be deemed ‘shit’. We will create short, 1-2 minute videos that will be easily digestible and humorous, and post these on a weekly basis.

We want to continue to build and grow throughout the semester, so we will be continually taking on feedback in the forms of comments, polls, analytics and messages. In order to be successful, we are following the rules of FIST. It will be a fast turnaround production, and we will be able to receive weekly feedback in order to quickly adapt for the following week. The only cost will be fuel costs, so quite an inexpensive venture. It’s a simple and tiny project, but there’s lots of room for it to grow.

The page can be found here:

And here’s our pitch video:



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