Project Pitch

Here is it, scroll down to the bottom for the project pitch:

My research project is well underway, and as outlined in my pitch, I am about to begin my observational and auto-ethnographic data and note collection. The Triple J YouTube channel will be visited by me on Friday’s for the next month, in attempt to achieve key autoe-ethnography feature ‘complete member researcher’ (CMR) status (Anderson, 2006).

My observational data will come from four main sources:

  1. Video Views
  2. Like/Dislike Ratio
  3. Video Comment Count
  4. Top Video Comment

As a result of the YouTube algorithm, the top comment will be the one that has the highest percentage of audience agreement. By analysing these, I aim to be able to get a good idea of what people in the community who actively engage with content really think. Merriam lists important elements that are likely present in any setting, being: the physical setting, the participants, activities and interactions, conversation, subtle factors, and your own behaviour (Merriam, 2009). I will be taking notes mainly on the participants, conversation, and my own behaviour with my research methods.

Readers should note that while I do express the expansiveness of Triple J’s online presence, my focus for this project is more tailored to their YouTube transition and content curation. I will not be considering views or comments on either their website, Facebook page, or Instagram account.

I look forward to undertaking this project as an auto-ethnographic researcher, as it will allow me to gain a deeper understanding of a community I am already involved in, as well as allow some extended exposure – however small that may be. That said, I will be careful when presenting findings in order to be as true to the members of the community as I possibly can, while protecting their identities and opinions.







ANDERSON, L. 2006. Analytic Auto-Ethnography. Journal of Contemporary Ethnography – J CONTEMP ETHNOGR, 35, 373-395.

MERRIAM, S. Qualitative Research: A Guide to Design and Implementation. 2009.


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