digital artefact: beta pitch

Here’s a link to our beta pitch on youtube.

Since it’s initial inception, ‘Crap Shacks of the Gong’ has been slowly gaining more followers and interest. The concept we started with hasn’t changed very much, but through our failures we have been able to alter our production process and refine our prototype to make it easier and quicker to create and publish content.

Growth in Facebook likes since the pages creation.

Currently on the Facebook page we have three videos published, and just over 150 likes. Each video seems to reach a fair sized audience, but what we lack is a proper retention time rate from our viewers, as well as a system of interaction with them. These things are important because we want to be appeasing our audience, at the end of the day they are who we make videos for. In order to combat the retention issue, we have decided it is important to have an eye-catching and exciting introduction to each video.

The other big change we have implemented into our creation process is a shortening of the video length. This was a decision based off of our retention data and also meant that we would be able to ideate, write, film, edit, and post each video at a much faster rate. We figured the more content we create, the better – as it gives more and more opportunities for our audience to tell us what works and what doesn’t. We also found that each time we post a video we tend to gain followers over the next few days steadily, which then plateaus until another video is out. Creating more content hopefully will mean we get more follower boosts as a repercussion.

Our biggest problem remains our audience interaction levels, and we still receive little to no feedback online. Friends often say they thought a certain video was funny, but are never very critical in their analysis’. We are hoping to bridge the gap that we have with the audience through our altered model of content production.


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